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First incentive is up!

The first voting incentive is now available! Please vote for RFR and you'll be rewarded with the image. :)

I'm planning on changing the image very frequently (usually on a daily basis) so keep voting!

Thank you!

posted by HAPS on 05 Jul 2009 04:39 pm   ||   1 comments

Moved up in rank!

I took a look at my ranking this morning and noticed I was #906! I moved up a few thousand spots in one night, that's just crazy. Thank you to those who voted for me!

I'll make a voting incentive so that when you vote, a special image appears. I'll let you know here when it's done.

Please vote and pass along the news of my comic!

posted by HAPS on 05 Jul 2009 11:51 am   ||   0 comments

Vote! And I'll love you forever.

Oh god please vote. Right now I'm...#5130...oh my god.

Well, I'm pleased to say I'm finally happy with the website layout, which I have made countless modifications to, and I'm having a good time with the comic. I'd like to see how far I get.

Why am I up at 12:05 AM? I really have no idea. Goodnight.

posted by HAPS on 04 Jul 2009 11:10 pm   ||   0 comments


Testing the news posting.

posted by HAPS on 03 Jul 2009 02:51 pm   ||   0 comments